This is the way I go 95% of the time, I simply wake up in my dream; I am able to astral project easily. The astral plane is as real as this one, only different – it is magical. If I want I can manifest a glass of beer and drink it, ahhhhhh. I can fly, I can do anything, order people to appear (sometimes) I can manipulate their behavior (a little bit) and get away with any sort of obnoxious behavior, as long as it is not malicious. It is also solid, you can’t walk through walls as I found out one time.

Astral TravelIf you get hit it will hurt, if you have sex it feels like the real thing only better, etc. it can be a real plane of existence but most often it is the manifestation of your own subconscious, it isn’t always real. There are times when you will find yourself on a REAL astral plane, some are unpleasant and some pleasant, it depends on your spiritual level. When I first began this I found myself on some low planes with scary beings, but only twice, so the more you practice earthing and centering the less the chance of landing in one of the least pleasant astral planes.

Beginning to Astral Travel

When I first began to astral travel I found that I would automatically ‘extend’ my chi, in other words I would breath my chi out of my body and extend it through my feet, or hands or head, depending on what I needed to do. For instance if I was OOB and I found myself stuck at my head, I would extend my chi through either my feet or my head, I would relax and breath. This would be done not in my physical body but in my astral or Dream body.

Very early in the piece, while asleep, I became aware of two ‘blobs’ of negative energy ‘sniffing’ in the hallway outside my bedroom. I wasn’t awake but in the hypnologic state, half way between awake and asleep. I knew that these two entities were seeking me, they found my ‘light’ attractive, I was a novice with lots of chi that they wanted. I realized that they were after my chi (a novice astral traveler for the taking) when suddenly my centre point ‘crunched’ inside me, I catapulted into another dimension.

My Astral Plane

Now this has happened a few times, when things get unpleasant on the astral plane my body wisdom kicks in and away I go, I just disappear, to where I have no idea. I found myself in a blank space, totally unconscious. I came back to my body (I don’t know how long I was ’away’) and sensed the two blobs still out there, they were silent and still, uncertain of what to do next as they had lost my ‘trace’. When I came back they ’saw’ my aura and moved fast towards me. As soon as I realized they were still there my centre point went ‘crunch’ again and out I went, this time I didn’t come back for some time, when I did they were gone and I went straight to sleep.

It happened again, while still a novice at astral traveling. I was in a dream, I can’t remember what was going on but all of a sudden I found myself awake and in a black space. I was no longer dreaming, somehow I had slipped out of my dream and into one of the lower astral planes. I felt a little afraid this time, just as I sensed some entities near by my centre point went ‘crunch’, physically tightening in my stomach, or dream body stomach, and I disappeared. These two experiences were just about the only negative experiences I have ever had on the astral planes; occasionally you could also have an Astral Sex episode as well!. Once or twice I have found myself in the ‘halls of wisdom’, a lovely university type place, but I was not able to stay long, apart from observe and admire the architecture and the people walking about, I was still a novice.

One other lovely side effect of Taoist Tantra and Tai Chi has been nightmares, I don’t have them anymore, not that it was a problem. I found that when I started to have a scary dream I would immediately earth, my legs would get all itchy and the tension would dissipate out through my feet.