Astral Projection allows you to travel to anyplace you desire without leaving home using a deep level of relaxation. Have you ever wanted to know what people are saying about you? Have you tried Astral Projection before without success? If so, you are in need of our groundbreaking underground altered state of consciousness, the astral projection underground code.


Astral Projection Exposed – The Underground CodeHow to Astral Project Easily - The Astral Projection Underground Code

To the Astral Projection Skeptics…..

There are a great deal of skeptics out there whom do not believe out of body experiences (OOBE’s) are possible and flatly deny that astral travel and projection is even possible. The fact that you arrived here means you probably believe there is ‘something’ to Astral travel or perhaps you are just curious to what it’s all about. Let me tell you one thing;

Astral Projection is Real!

It IS possible to astral project easily using your unconscious mind in a kind of trance like state and Astral Project to any location and to any time of your choosing. Sounds to good to be true? you bet, but after many years of experimenting with Astral Travel several years ago I finally mastered it without the use of expensive and ineffective binaural music. Astral projection is not remote viewing (when you are in a completely different state of consciousness) – remote viewing dreams are something which has evolved over the past 30 years and can be distinctly separated from astral projecting.

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Make no mistake here, to able to astral project outside of your body takes practice and a level of relaxation which you probably have not experienced before. It is however possible to achieve this state of conscious and have your first astral projection experience using 3 Specific astral projection techniques revealed within the Astral projection underground code. You may have heard or researched online of the whole host of alleged experts opinions surrounding which techniques actually work to allow you to pass outside of your body.

Let me tell you that the majority of these are fiction, untrue and never tested extensively for success. They are written by people whom have little to no grasp of the Astral Realms and have NOT experienced what they try to preach. My underground astral traveling code is very different!

But, don’t take my word for it!

Having tried a number of books and guides this one simply blew me away – to several out of your body places I could never have dreamt of – thanks James. Stacey, ILStacey, IL

This is one of those books which does what is promised (very rare these days!). The very next day following reading James’ guide I experienced my very first astral journey (and I had been trying for years). John Berry, CA This is a no hype book designed to give you all the information you need to successfully astral travel quickly and safely. My first journey was completed just days after finishing the book and I am so pleased that it worked! I cannot wait to try more astral journeys. Hayley, UK

Here’s What We’ll Cover;

Getting Started – What is Astral Travel?

In this introductory and very important element of the code we look at EXACTLY what is astral travel and the altered state of conscious along with how despite common held beliefs, it can be used with ‘direction’ to ensure YOU control were and when you travel out side of your body to any location you desire.

Understanding the Dream States

We first look into the relative dream states and the level of chakra development including how guided travel can help you achieve so much more as well as how your dream states can be interpreted and strengthened through improved memory techniques, lucid dreaming and visualization exercises.

Safety First – Staying safe on your Astral Journeys

This critical part of the code guides you through some very common misconceptions around how to stay safe astral traveling and discuss in detail the the rope technique. We look at a number of proven techniques to ensure that your journey to the astral plane is comfortable and above all safe upon returning to your earthly body with our mind intact.

The Astral Journey Code Exposed – The Top 3 Successful Techniques to Astral Travel

Down to the heart of the matter with my top 3 techniques to ensure you have a safe and successful astral travel every time. There are no reasons for anyone not to participate in an astral journey using any one of these 3 highly effective strategies to begin your first REAL Astral Journey.

Returning to the Body Following Your Journey

Arguably one, if not the most important aspect of Astral Travel is the ability to easily and quickly find your way back to your physical body. Here we debunk many of the common fallacies and provide you with the tools to easily return to your body upon command.

Pre-Launch Price only $27 (soon to be $47)

Never before has there been a guide this detailed with effective and proven techniques to not only successfully astral travel consistently but also to stay safe doing so. Download your copy of the Astral Travel Underground Code and begin your astral journeys today!

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